Feeding and Swallowing


Dysphagia is a term used to describe a difficulty with swallowing. Many people with a neurological condition suffer from oropharyngeal dysphagia - a swallowing problem that involves the muscles in the mouth or top part of the throat.

This can make eating and drinking very difficult, and at times it can lead to other health problems such as pneumonia. Sometimes you may have had to have a feeding tube, such as a PEG, fitted because of extreme problems with swallowing.

So many of us enjoy eating and drinking and it is a big part of life, so if it becomes difficult or is taken away, it can be devastating. I can work with you to look at regaining your swallow through therapy, or making sure that you are eating and drinking as safely as possible. Sometimes we may have to make tricky decisions around eating and drinking options, and I can support with these discussions.

I can respond very quickly to swallowing referrals and see you in the comfort of your home to assess and make recommendations.